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Protect like never before what matters most in your life with Smart Home Security: Your loved ones!.

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Discover new possibilities

Communicate with your home & tell it what you want it to do.

  • Customize

    Customize different actions to automatically happen when you’re asleep, awake, gone, or back home and your home will remember them.

  • Receive

    Get alerts from your home when unexpected things happen.

  • Communicate

    When your routines or patterns changes, tell your home what you want it to do and it will adapt.

  • More

    Discover and set up creative use cases that developers in the SmartThings community have created.

Save Your Energy

SMART HOME BUS can coordinate your thermostats, lights and window shades to improve energy efficiency. It will save you money-and the effort of thinking about it.


Add as many smart devices as you’d like to create a fully connected smart home.


Customize different notifications and alerts so that you can keep an eye on what’s important to you.


Trigger actions to automatically take place in and around your home when different events happen.


Prevent damage to your home and get notified if there’s water in the basement.


Use your smart phone to view and talk to someone at the door, gate, front door or guesthouse from anywhere in the world.


Smarthome Bus technology allows you to design your project as you go. Without the need of central controllers, due to our innovative "built in logic" on each module, we can achieve a network as simple as listening to music controlling the area with your cell phone or, as complex as controlling a whole 5 star hotel with an administrative software that can control the language on the room devices and set up scenes from the administration.
"Smart home Bus adjusts to every budget and delivers excellency on each solution"...
"Mr. Cesar D. Chula Vista California"
"G4 products are awesome, they have allow us to feel safe when we are away, highly recommended"...
"Mrs. Jacome. Quito - Ecuador"

A Smart Home Security "Solution for Everyone"

Experience absolute peace of mind when leaving
your home.


..."from the world of tomorrow to the world of today"...

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